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Blazing Fast Internet from Viasat's Exede in Warrenton, VA

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Exede available in Warrenton, VA from Kittronics / RadioShack of Warrenton

Exede from Kittronics / RadioShack of Warrenton transports you into the new age of rural-based Internet service. Embedded with the newest technology in satellite internet broadband, Exede lives up to its customers' expectations. E-mails, movies and pictures have never been faster, easier or more detailed to access than with this fast-paced internet. This winning mix of high speed optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible for even those in rural areas to get the connection they deserve.

Package Price points

The smart consumer can choose from many package options to accommodate both their needs and their budget. Beginning at the reasonable fee of $49.99, the patron can attain a bandwidth of 10GB each month; ideal for those new to the online universe. Those who surf the Internet to do the basics--i.e., read the news, send e-mail and research important topics--will find much to like about this plan. For just $79.99 you can double your bandwidth to 15GB and experience a better, faster internet with more options than emails, research and surfing the web. The 15GB package is most preferred by valued customers because it gives them the options to visit content-rich sites such as Facebook and YouTube at a much faster pace. Our best services come with the $129.99 per month plan, giving you 25GB, ultimate speed, highest-quality bandwidth and is excellent for any and every site you visit. It is the ideal choice for families and for those who are the most experienced in surfing the web and accessing many different online content. In addition, each and every plan comes complete with the same great customer service that accompanies ViaSat plans on a regular basis.

HughesNet Internet

HughesNet, another satellite broadband service provided through Dish Network, supplies similar plans but with added rules and restrictions. Their system tends to reach a maximum of 250MB every day, disallowing customers from enjoying the World Wide Web as well as its multi-media content to its maximum potential. In development is a new HughesNet satellite that will provide more access to its wireless internet customers.

Internet from Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and more

Geographical locations such as those of rural residents, simply cannot receive all of the internet's benefits by using cable--cable internet just doesn't work as far and wide as Exede. For people who reside in out of the way regions, this can pose a definite problem. Companies such as Time Warner, Cox and Comcast still offer a decent quality cable network.

FiOS and Fiber. Verizon and Google.

Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber employ a relatively recent technological implementation. Light pipes instead of traditional cable wiring. With fiber optic technology, internet companies have the ability to expand bandwidth to much greater than it already it was. As with every new technology, it takes time for it to spread. Fiber optic internet is only available in select areas from both Google and Verizon.

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Introduced in 2012, this new type of satellite was developed from the newest and best technology in the world. Exede provides the best of all possible worlds, offering a solid internet connection with sturdy satellites in country areas otherwise limited to the application of dial up and DSL connections. By way of the Ka band (a decided improvement over Hughesnet's Ku band), ViaSat 1 hosts an extensive bandwidth that allows the user to surf the net at the same speed as those who have cable.

This stunning mixture of superior Internet technology has been melded and perfected to supply an unbeatable online experience. Do all that you wanted to do, at a faster rate and without any pauses in between, with ViaSat's Exede Broadband Warrenton, VA from Kittronics / RadioShack of Warrenton.